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Our Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe bark extract is an extract of all the major alkaloids found in the Yohimbe bark, Unlike Yohimbine HCl which is composed of only or mostly the Yohimbe alkaloid present in Yohimbe bark which is sometimes synthesized in the lab, our Yohimbine Extract is a highly rich version of Yohimbe containing up to 15 % Yohimbine alkaloid, with a rich composition of over 55 indole alkaloids that help in several aspects of not just health but with spirituality too.

Our Yohimbe bark extract is a dietary supplement that you can buy without a prescription. Its promoters claim it can help erectile dysfunction (ED), low sex drive in women, and the unwanted sexual side effects of some antidepressant medicines. But the science around modern claims shows mixed results or not enough research.

It is also excellent for weight loss and targeted fat loss. Its main function is as a sexual stimulant, energy booster, and fat burner. It can be consumed directly as a supplement or mixed with other supplements before work out.