What Is The Best Yohimbe Supplement?

What is the best Yohimbe supplement

Hallucinogenic/Psychedelic Properties Of Yohimbe Supplement.

Pausinystalia Yohimbe bark contains the alkaloid yohimbine which is also found in most Yohimbe supplements at approximately 6% concentration. Yohimbine found in Yohimbe extracts and Yohimbe supplements is an α2-adrenergic receptor blocker and has aphrodisiac and psychedelic properties. It also acts as a serotonergic and an adrenergic receptor in the brain centers associated with libido and penile erection. 

Yohimbine improves long-term memory by increasing norepinephrine levels.

Several studies (both in animals and humans) have also found out that yohimbine may help fear extinction by increasing norepinephrine levels.

Yohimbine decreases social anxiety and betters mood.

Yohimbe extract is a traditional treatment for a variety of disorders in addition to the treatment of sexual disorders. Some of the uses include the treatment of dementia, diabetic complications, exhaustion, fevers, insomnia, leprosy, low blood pressure, obesity, and syncope.

Yohimbine causes peripheral vasodilation and CNS stimulation.

Yohimbe bark extract is used to enhance athletic performance and weight loss while the main medical indication of yohimbine hydrochloride in the treatment of impotence.

Chemical Properties that make it Psychedelic

The main chemical properties of Yohimbe and yohimbine HCL is the attribution of the α2-adrenergic receptors antagonist activity, which increases central sympathetic outflow and raises blood pressure, heart rate, and norepinephrine levels. Yohimbine increases the release of norepinephrine, resulting in inadequate blood pressure control in people also using antihypertensive and diuretic agents. It also interacts with tricyclic antidepressants, so that pressor effects occur at lower doses and may potentiate the alpha-adrenergic blocking properties of phenothiazines.

Yohimbine blocks alpha-1 and alpha-2 adrenoceptors, increasing adrenaline and dopamine and decreasing serotonin levels. Blocking these receptors also increases blood pressure, releases insulin, and decreases blood sugar levels.

Yohimbine blocks serotonin-1B, -1D, -2A, and -2B (5-HT1B, 5-HT1D, 5-HT2A, and 5-HT2B) receptors, and dopamine-2 and dopamine-3 (D2 and D3) receptors.

Yohimbe Natural Supplement VS Yohimbe Synthesize

Natural yohimbine is an isolated version of yohimbine molecule which is extracted from Yohimbe bark and when paired with hydrochloric acid it becomes the synthesized form. Both sources of yohimbine have a powerful psychedelic impact on the body as seen above.

Recommended Doses

5.4mg three times daily has a pressor effect associated with doses of 15 to 20mg (De Smet et al.,1994).

The way you take yohimbine depends on what you need it for. and it should ideally be correctly based on body weight and sometimes sex.

Beneath are some general guidelines for Yohimbe dosages, according to the condition or symptom:(Jillian Levy, 2017)

  • For erectile dysfunction: adult men should take about 5.4 milligrams 1–3 times daily. Most studies have found positive results when consuming about 10–20 milligrams total daily.
  • For hypotension in adults: take about 12.5 milligrams daily
  • Much higher doses have been used in certain studies, sometimes up to 100 milligrams daily. However, this is considered a very high dose that is potentially dangerous and likely to cause some side effects. Overall, it’s best to start with small doses while monitoring your reaction. Speak to a doctor or herbal practitioner before increasing your dosage to high levels.
  • If using Yohimbe in dry plant tincture form (DPT) look for a concentration of about 35 percent Yohimbe (65 percent alcohol) and use about 10–30 drops one to three times daily.
  • It’s best to take Yohimbe when fasting, first thing in the morning, or between meals. Because it has stimulating effects, don’t combine Yohimbe with other stimulants like caffeine or weight loss pills. These may cause reactions like faster heart rate, anxiety, high blood pressure, or even cardiovascular complications. If you are planning on having caffeine along with Yohimbe (such as coffee or tea in the morning), start with a half-dose to test your reaction.

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