The Effects of Yohimbine On Body Performance

The Effects of Yohimbine On Body Performance

Effects of Yohimbine on Physical Performance Yohimbine is a natural ingredient that has been used for a very long time in traditional medicine and has a wide range of advantageous benefits. It can be applied to boost muscle development, quicken fat reduction, and enhance athletic performance.

I’ll discuss yohimbine’s functions, mechanism of action, and some of the best applications in this post to help you make the most of it.

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In this study, I looked at how yohimbine medication and a placebo affected soccer players’ body composition, exercise capacity, and blood biomarkers (PLA). The Bochum campus of Ruhr-local University’s ethical committee for sports sciences approved the study.

There were divided into two participant groups:

Yohimbine was given to Group 1 for four weeks at a rate of 0.2 mg/kg BW each day, while PLA was given to Group 2.

An introduction to yohimbine effects and performance studies

Yohimbine is a herbal supplement that improves exercise performance and weight loss. Yohimbine’s mode of action is to reduce your appetite, which aids in weight loss. Additionally, this lowers blood indicators like cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Soccer players in one study received yohimbine throughout their physical training sessions. In comparison to those who did not take the supplement, the researchers discovered that it enhanced body composition, endurance exercise performance, and fatigue recovery.

Materials and methods

  • The volunteers were found through advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Before participating in the study, each subject signed an informed consent form.
  • The 12-week intervention consisted of 4 weeks of training and 8 weeks of detraining. The workout routine included weight training three times per week, plyometric workouts twice weekly, treadmill sprint intervals once per week, and agility drills with cones or soccer balls (1 time per week).
  • Body composition, maximum oxygen uptake, muscle strength, and vertical jump height were the outcome measures before and after the intervention. The final session involved a 15-meter sprint test for measuring aerobic capacity as well as timed jump and drop jump trials to gauge the output of muscle force during explosive movements.
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There were no significant changes in fat-free mass, fat mass, and percent body fat compared to the placebo group. However, Yohimbine supplementation also decreased total body weight and BMI while resting heart rate was significantly reduced (1).

The effects of yohimbine on blood lactate levels during exercise have previously been demonstrated in trained males under a fixed workload test and showed an increase at 30 minutes into exercise followed by a decline thereafter (2).

The results suggest that there is no difference between groups in maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) indicating that yohimbine supplementation was also associated with a significant increase in maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and a significant reduction in the time to exhaustion.

These findings indicate that yohimbine supplementation can be considered an ergogenic aid for soccer players.

To the best of my knowledge Yohimbine supplementation in young soccer players was associated with a significant reduction in body fat and a significant increase in lean mass.

In addition, yohimbine supplementation was also associated with a significant increase in maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and a significant reduction in the time to exhaustion. These findings indicate that yohimbine supplementation can be considered an ergogenic aid for soccer players.

This study’s findings agree with those published by Magkos et al. After eight weeks of the training regimen, they found that yohimbine at doses of 5 or 10 mg/kg body weight significantly reduced body fat percentage when compared to placebo.

However, neither changes in lean body mass nor maximal oxygen consumption were different between groups (VO2max).

These results are intriguing since they go against some prior research that found chronic yohimbine consumption at levels of 3–10 mg/kg per day had no effect on VO2max or endurance performance.


This review makes it evident that more research is needed to properly understand how yohimbine affects soccer players’ body composition and activity performance. Yohimbine supplementation, however, may be advantageous for athletes who already consume a nutritious diet and are in excellent physical condition, according to a large body of research.

Yohimbine appears to increase power output during resistance training at a single dose of 25 mg/kg body weight without producing any negative side effects when combined with other supplements like caffeine or creatine monohydrate, though more research is required to pinpoint the precise dosage that should be used.

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