Sex Supplements: What Works

Sex Supplements: What Works

There are a lot of supplements out there available for this purpose but below are some of the main ones that really do the job.


Yohimbe is a stimulant that increases blood flow and can have an aphrodisiac effect. It’s also a vasodilator, meaning it widens your blood vessels and allows more blood to flow through them.

This can lead to side effects like headaches, dizziness, nausea, high blood pressure, and heart palpitations—which is why Yohimbe isn’t recommended for people with heart disease or high blood pressure (or anyone who’d rather not take risks).

Health Benefits of The Yohimbe Traditional Herb


  • Supports Wellness & A Healthy Mood
  • Improves male sexual performance!
  • Increase blood flow and dilate blood vessels!
  • Improves weight management!
  • Improve health mood!
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Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed (Epimedium sagittatum) is a herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. In recent years, horny goat weed has gained popularity as a supplement that may help improve sexual function.

Horny goat weed is often sold as a nutritional supplement and added to other products such as herbal teas or energy drinks for its purported benefits in treating erectile dysfunction (ED), low libido and impotence.

In addition, some companies claim horny goat weed helps increase testosterone levels, boost energy levels and ensure healthy prostate function.

Horny goat weed has no serious side effects if taken at recommended dosages under medical supervision; however, it can cause mild side effects such as headache and irritability if taken in high doses or by people who are sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine.


Ginseng is a root that grows in North America, Asia, and Europe, where it’s been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. It’s been shown to have many health benefits, including boosting stamina, lowering blood sugar levels, and even increasing libido.

Most of the studies on ginseng have involved animals or rats rather than humans—and there were only a few small trials with people who had various illnesses.

But even though more research needs to be done on ginseng before it can be considered truly effective as an ED treatment (or anything else), there are plenty of reasons why you should still consider adding this supplement to your daily routine if you’re looking for an all-around boost in energy levels and general well-being:

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a supplement derived from the leaves of the ginkgo tree, which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It’s most commonly prescribed to people with memory problems or those at risk of heart disease.

Ginkgo biloba can increase blood flow to the brain, improve memory, and may even improve the quality of your sleep if taken regularly.

In addition, it’s an antioxidant that may help treat depression and anxiety by promoting neurotransmitter activity (specifical dopamine).

However, some research suggests that taking ginkgo Biloba might not be effective enough to justify its risks—especially when it comes to heart health.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is a plant that grows in the Amazon. It has been used as a traditional medicine for hundreds of years, and it’s also known for its aphrodisiac properties.

As with most herbal products, however, Muira Puama may not be safe for everyone.

Specifically, this supplement can cause insomnia and anxiety if taken in high doses—and because there are many different brands available on the market today (each with its own recommended dosage), it’s important to be careful when considering whether or not you want to take it.

Based on our research into this product, we don’t recommend Muira Puama if you have heart problems or high blood pressure due to the stimulant effects of this supplement.

If you do decide that Muira Puama is right for your needs, make sure that your doctor knows about any medications you’re taking before starting it so they can help determine whether or not there’s any risk involved in combining them together.”

Scientific studies have not found that many sex supplements actually work

  • You should not rely on sex supplements to treat any medical condition.
  • There is no evidence that sex supplements are effective.
  • Many of the ingredients in sex supplements have not been tested for safety or effectiveness.

We hope this article has given you some insight into the science behind sex supplements. While we are not recommending any particular supplement, we believe that there is no harm in trying one out if you want to increase your sexual performance.

Just be aware of the potential side effects, and make sure it is safe for your body before starting any new medication or supplement regimen.

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